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PenParking provides a range of scalable solutions for Mobile Parking Management for both on street and off street environments. This includes both the latest PMP software application and / or the provision of the appropriate hand held terminal and mobile printer hardware.

The patrol software application is designed to sit on a range of mobile devices (hand held terminals) evaluated for their suitability for all weather use, size, weight and technical functionality. PMP embraces the latest advances in technology and design to deliver 'feature rich' functionality, with significant built in 'intelligence'. The end product is simple to learn, intuitive to use, fast and effective.

The patrol software is supported by a full range of back end administrative options, including payment facilities, to give you the flexibility to adopt whichever business model you prefer, including in house operations or third party outsourcing.

PMP is provided as SaaS (Software as a Service). There are no significant up front payments for PMP - and at a daily licence fee from as low as 33p per day, we challenge you to find a more cost effective solution to your parking management requirements.